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Meet Nick


Nick started in Rockfield studios when he was 16 and has worked with Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Darnkess, Thunder, Bruce Springsteen, Seasick Steve, The Artic Monkeys, The Beta Band, Teenage Fanclub and many more artists over his career. 

He has helped developed artists and bands on their journey as a music manager and consultant and worked as a studio manager at Leeders Farm Studios in Norfolk.  

To day he is the owner of Leeders Vale studios and in the process of establishing Flip Flop Records. 

Meet Jon


Jon started his first recording studio when he was 24, during uni he was recording demos for his bands before heading into the studio.  He's been a musician, studio engineer and now lecturer. 

He started working for Nick in 2014  and quickly progressed to an in house engineer at Rockfield Studios before managing Leeders Vale Studios. 

To date he has worked with Buck and Evans, The Quireboys, Pretty Vicious, Thunder, Public Service Broadcasting, The Big Push and for producers such as Gil Norton, Luke Moreley


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Are you tired of having to reinvent the wheel every time you need to build a website, promote an album, or book a gig? Do you want to get back to making music and not worrying about all the technical stuff that goes into it?

Then our community is for you. You'll find the support, guidance, and tips from other musicians who've been there—and who can help you do it better than ever before.

We promise: we'll drive your creativity forward in ways that no one else can. And we're not just talking about how-to's here. We're talking about how-to's with inspiration as well! Our community is full of incredible musicians and producers who have figured out how to make their dreams come true, and they're more than happy to share their experiences with everyone else.

So if your goal is to get back in the studio and write the next great song or album, then this might be the community for you!

"With budgets, geography and release formats providing very real constraints for artists (I include Fireroad in this), the Session Recall model is absolutely key for us to be able to continue making music. "

Richard Jones - Fireroad

"This time last year, I was a frazzled mother of 2, just barely getting by. Thanks to Taylor's courses, I'm a happier, healthier person for myself and my family."

Janell Parks